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Library of Birmingham


Now I love Birmingham, there’s always something new happening. I also love books (obviously)!
So you can imagine my excitement when the new Library of Birmingham opened in the centre of town mere minutes from where I work.
I wasn’t lucky enough to snag a place getting a sneak preview before opening day (though one of my friends did, lucky devil) but I was through that door as soon as it opened! And oh my, I was not disappointed! If you live near Birmingham and haven’t visited it, you are missing out. If you don’t live nearby then it’s definitely an place to be visiting!
Its 10 floors (I think) of jaw dropping wonder, so many books and so many places to read them, from comfy chairs inside to garden balconies overlooking the whole of Birmingham. There’s the discovery trail which is a great idea especially if it’s your first time in!
I’m overwhelmed by the sheer amount of events that they have going on! There’s tons of things to do all the time from picnics to events to speeches. Art, books, music whatever you’re into there’s always something you’d be interested in!
I could go on and on about all the different part and areas that I love but you can’t fully grasp this brilliant place without experiencing it for yourself!
The only faults I can find with the whole building is that 1) I can’t live there forever and 2) it’s got a lot of open space and high ceiling which is refreshing but I like my libraries/bookshops cramped and homely. But that’s just my opinion!

I recommend a visit without a doubt!

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