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(How are you feeling?)

(TRIGGER WARNING)-this post mentions self harm.

How are you feeling? Happy? Depressed? Angry? Lonely? Content? Are you full to bursting with all these ridiculous emotions? Do you use books as a way to escape from them? I know I do. Do you need a way to release them rather than just hiding from them? I may have just the thing.

I keep a destructive sort of diary. I write down everything I’m feeling as fast as I can, filling pages and pages with barely legible rubbish, and then I rip out the whole lot and tear them into pieces.


So many people nowadays struggle to cope with what they’re feeling. Going through life appearing fine on the outside but on the inside they’re a chaotic whirlwind of emotions with no escape. People are taking drastic measures as a way to deal with all this. Like self harm, which is so so common nowadays and has almost become fashionable! I can’t tell you how much it breaks my heart when I find out someone self harms or is feeling like they want to. My advice? Find someway to let it out. Tell a close friend/family member. Do something creative like paint/draw/write. Try my destructive diary way. Find something that works for you. Please.

How do you cope with your whirlwind of emotions? Let me know in the comments!

And if you need someone to talk to, you can always email me (emilyheritage @

Much love always, xx


One thought on “(How are you feeling?)

  1. I loved this post, so honest and I feel the same way- it is so saddening to hear people feeling like they have no escape, I urge people to seek help, or as you say, just find a way of getting emotions out. I email my aunt on another continent any time of day when I’m feeling low or unhappy, if there’s someone anywhere who’s there for you I encourage you confide in them.

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