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Poetry Corner (Chelsea’s Poetry)

Poetry time again! I’m really getting into poetry recently, it’s has the potential to be so beautiful (or utterly terrible). I can’t write it myself, I’m actually dreadful. But my wonderful friend (wonderful at poetry anyway) can. So here’s one of her poems entitled ‘nothing you want’

And I was forced alone with my abundance of flaws
my soul exposed behind open doors
and every single word you said
wreaked havoc within my head

But I’ll never understand how I could not see
that you controlled every aspect of me
how could I still devote myself to you
when you could never love me too

When behind my faults and behind my tears
you would only fuel my fears
I’ll be all you want if you give me time
and I will be yours and you mine

How amazing! Here’s the link to her Hello Poetry page!
Check it out! And let me (and her l) know your thoughts!


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