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(Double Standards)

The other day Julianna Scott, author of the holders, made an extremely valid argument about women insulting other women based on their weight.

20131026-000417.jpgNow I know this can be a touchy subject but I believe people need to be aware that it works both ways.
If you tell a woman who is bigger than you that’s she’s ‘fat’ or needs to ‘lose weight’ then everyone kicks off, as they should! Because there is no excuse for insulting a woman (it anyone) based on their weight.

But think about when it’s the other way round. Many people (not everyone) would see no problem with saying to a thin woman that’s she’s ‘so skinny’ or saying ‘you need to put on some weight you’re practically anorexic!’.
So why is it okay to call a thin woman anorexic but not a bigger woman fat? It works both ways.
And as Julianna rightly pointed out, woman actually think it empowering to say these things when actually it’s just rude. Here’s Julianna’s fin comment on it, which I 100% agree with,

“There is no size attached to being a Lady. And Ladies behave as such, and are above bringing other people down. Here’s to the Ladies.”

Do you agree? What other issues are there double standard on? Share your thoughts!


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