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Halloween Week (The good, the bad and the scary)



For my special Halloween post I shall be posting the good things about Halloween, some of my favourite Halloween/scary books, my scary film recommendations and my super spooky giveaway winner announced!

Six good things about Halloween,

1) everyone is in a good mood and is spreading the Halloween joys (and scares)!

2) Lots of parties and fun events and things to do and see!

3) People being creative by making costumes and decorating their houses, shops and blogs!

4) Get to celebrate one of my favourite genres ever: ‘HORROR’
5) lots of my favourite scary films on the tele so people can have lovely Halloween nights in with Halloween themed food watching brilliant films and finally

6) Everyone loves to get all their scary books out to celebrate!

That’s it for today!
Check out yesterday’s Halloween Week post for the details of my giveaway!

Hope everyone’s enjoying Halloween Week and if you have any blog posts, leave a link in the comments and I’ll check it out! 🎃👻


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