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Halloween Week (Spook-tacular Films)

*witch cackle*


For my special Halloween post I shall be posting the good things about Halloween, some of my favourite Halloween/scary books, my scary film recommendations and my super spooky giveaway winner announced!

Horror Film Recommendations!
Okay so I will admit I’m a massive horror film fan. I love scary films, the jumpier and more gruesome the better!
A brilliant way to spend a Halloween night is curled up in front in the TV with lots of yummy Halloween food watching super spooky films. These are my film recommendations.

(NOTE: they are all horror and have ratings from age 15 to 18)

.First would have to be one of my all time favourite scary films, Silent Hill. -based on one of the best horror games ever. Desperate mother Rose takes her adopted daughter to Silent Hill in an attempt to help her overcome her sleepwalking ailment. “Dare to step inside the horrific town of Silent Hill, where darkness preys on every soul and Hell’s creations wait around every corner. But know that once you enter… there is no turning back.”

And here’s a quick list of some other horror films you should definitely check out!

.’28 days later’ and ’28 weeks later’ (Zombies)

.Final Destination (about cheating death and the consequences)

.Saw. (about a murder who kidnaps people and teaches them not to throw their lives away by making them ‘play a game’, to either live or die.)

.Donnie Darko (just plain creepy, includes a giant terrifying rabbit called frank)

20131026-231144.jpg So if you’re stuck for what to watch this Halloween and want something actually scary, these are for you!


I hope you enjoy these films and if you love any of them too, let me know! Also feel free to comment your own recommendations! I’d love to hear them!


6 thoughts on “Halloween Week (Spook-tacular Films)

  1. Okay, I really want to watch Silent Hill now. . . I watch a lot of horror, but I actually haven’t seen these. Saw was a little too much for me (I take things way too realistically most of the time), and Final Destination? I’ve seen part of it. Wow. The latest one I’ve seen. . . I can’t remember, actually. I know I watched The House at the End of the Street, but that was a Thriller. . . Oh well. Have you seen Insidious? I haven’t seen the second, but the first one was great. My all time favorite is Children of The Corn, though.

    1. Silent hill is THE BEST. I love it so much, and the second one came out this year in the cinemas and it was AMAZING. Seriously so good. Go watch it. Right now. Haha! And no I haven’t seen insidious actually, my one friend said it was abit rubbish and I just haven’t gotten around to watching it myself!

      1. I only saw the last third to Insidious, to tell the truth, but I remember really loving the ending. I want to watch Silent Hill so bad now. . . I wonder if it’s free on Amazon Prime. . . By the way, have you seen Cloverfield? That one was pretty interesting.

      2. Yeah! Cloverfield was great! I think I originally thought it was about the Statue of Liberty coming to life! Haha! And yes! The ring is brilliant! Have you seen the grudge? another good one!

      3. Ooh, I haven’t seen The Grudge! I’ll be looking into that one too. Cloverfield. . . That thing is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of things. I think I remember the last horror I saw now. The Happening. I thought it was pretty interesting, but I didn’t feel like it met up with the greatness of others I’ve seen.

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