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Are you super excited guys? What are you doing for Halloween? Partying? Trick or treating? Staying in with a good book and some spooky films?

Are you looking forward to all the mini monsters and fairies and ghosts visiting all night? Now, maybe you have a big bowl if Halloween goodies to give out, and that’s a good thing cause it’s important to keep the little monsters happy! But here’s another idea, (I saw this on twitter but I can’t remember who posted it so I’m sorry!) how about going round all the charity shops and buying up bags of really cheap scary themed books? Then giving them out to the trick or treaters? (Maybe with a lollipop or chocolate bar each to keep ’em sweet) I know that if there was a house by me giving out books, id be over there again again!

Now talking about giving away books, guess what I’m announcing? That’s right!

Giveaway Winner!

And the winner of the super scary ‘Playtime’ by Stephanie Fox is the owner if the brilliant book blog, The Blurb!


Let me know your thoughts on Halloween and comment links to your own Halloween post!

By the way, one last thing before you go…



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