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Guys! Are you ready for a super extremely exciting announcement?!

Of course you are!

Well, get ready, get excited and get that creative/destructive flair you have all fired up!

I bring to you…

Wreck This Blog!


What is this Wreck This Blog? I hear you cry!

Well it’s a super clever and brilliant idea that Kate @ Teen Blurb had the other day! Me, Kelsey and Charlie are helping out!

You’ve all heard of Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith? It’s basically a journal with loads of pages that you have to fill in however you like. The pages have various exciting instructions such as ‘fill this page with circles’, ‘document your dinners’, ‘find a way to wear this journal’ and loads of other crazy creative/destructive ideas.

So how does this relate to Wreck This Blog?

Well, Kate’s idea was to grab a copy of this journal, fill a few pages in and then send it on to another blogger who would fill in a page or two, take photos of it, maybe tweet/blog about it and send it on to the next blogger! Leaving us with something really special at the end!

Sound good right? We’re running a separate one for UK and US to keep the postage costs down!

For more information and to sign up head over to Kate’s blog!

Hurry hurry hurry! Go go go! And if you like the idea then tweet about it! The more people that know the better! Use the hashtag #wreckthisblog !

Stay creative!


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