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Rambling with Em: Confessions of a Self-Conscious Blogger


I was over at the lovely blog of The Perpetual Page-Turner and I came across a post about how she sometimes gets self conscious, and I thought this is so me. So I thought I’d share my own experiences of how I get self-conscious sometimes a hell of a lot of the time when I’m blogging.

I’m sure it’s something we all experience from time to time. From those new bloggers planning their first post to those who’ve been blogging for years and have a seemingly endless supply of followers who share their love with reams of comments and supportive loveliness.

I’m a quite self-conscious person anyway. I overthink everything and am way too negative about myself.  I have to press send on every text really fast so I don’t have time to second guess myself and convince myself that no one actually cares. With everyone but my closest friends (and even with them sometimes) I have to think about everything I say and most of the time just stay quiet incase everyone thinks what I say is stupid. I mean logically I know I shouldn’t care and that if people don’t like me for who I am then they don’t really matter but I cant help it. I’m only recently getting over this and having confidence in my self and my abilities. Blogging has been a big part of that and every comment and follow is like a big virtual ‘you can do it’ hug.
With blogging it’s the same sort of thing. That voice in your head that tell you you’re not good enough. Every time I plan a post or write a review I’m thinking does anyone even care about my ramblings and opinions? I feel as though I’m talking to no one and even when my views and whatnot go up I feel like it was someone clicking by mistake.
When I first stared blogging I thought it was all about views and followers; that you weren’t a real blogger if you didn’t have hundreds of people stopping by your blog and commenting and following. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t blog for the followers, I blogged because I love it and I want to share my passion for books with others who share that passion. However it still made me feel inadequate looking at the bigger blogs with 50 or so comments on every post.

This self-consciousness even stretches over to my twitter. Sometimes I want to share one of my posts with my twitter followers but half my mind is telling me nobody will care and the other half says people will resent me for self-promoting or spamming.
It makes me sad that it’s not just me that feels like this. Many bloggers, old and new have this anti-blogger in their head. This inner blogger is the negatives, it’s the one with the rules of sharing your own work and rules about how to write your reviews. It’s sad because that’s not what the blogging community is.
The blogging community is made up of lovely friendly people who support eachother and share their passions with eachother.
Everyone writes their reviews differently, some are fangirly excitedness and outraged ramblings, some are critical and analytic, some concentrate on the negatives and some are positive reviewers. That’s why blogging works, everyone has their own voice and there’s something for everyone. Not everyone will love your blog but some people will. It only takes one comment to make a bloggers day.

So my bloggy friends, what’s the moral of this ramble?

Everyone feels self conscious sometimes. That voice in your head is wrong. Your opinion is just as valid as everyone else’s, whether you have 5 followers or 500. Be yourself and write in your own voice, don’t try to be something you’re not. Try not to pay too much attention to stats, remember why you started blogging in the first place. Appreciate every comment, every follow, every tweet. And share the love! If you love a blog, tell them! Share their posts as well as your own. Make friends, get involved and remember blogging is a hobby so enjoy it!

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3 thoughts on “Rambling with Em: Confessions of a Self-Conscious Blogger

  1. So true! I feel exactly the same a lot of the time, but you just have to remind yourself why you’re doing it – as you said it’s fun! And it’s nice to have an outlet where you can say whatever you want. Wonderful post 🙂 xx

  2. Honestly, I thought I was alone in this feeling so thank you for writing this post! I write on my blog as a way of getting my opinions across – to who, I don’t know. I usually don’t think anyone is reading what I’m writing as I mostly do it for my own pleasure, so I’m pleasantly surprised when someone comments or even likes my writing. 🙂

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