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Life of a Blogger: Scents (adore/detest)

lifeofabloggerLife of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted over at Novel Heartbeat. It’s a great little feature which aims to give the readers a little insight into who the person behind all those posts and reviews really is.

I’m not the most interesting of people so the weekly topics help me come up with something to actually say about myself aha!

This weeks topic is Scents you like and one’s you don’t.

Scents I adore!

🙂 Okay, now you now I’m a book-lover, so of course you already know one of my favourite smells… BOOKS. That’s lovely smell of new books….. mmmmmm. Yep love it.

🙂 Orange! -this has to be one of my favourite smells, I have orange blossom essential oil that I love to burn in my room and sometime I eat oranges in my room just for the smell. I’m yet to find a perfume that makes me smell all orangey and yummy yet though (so if you know of one please share!)

🙂 Apple! -Are you sensing the fruity theme here? I’ve always preferred fruity fragrances to floral ones. I use apple shampoo mostly because I just love the waft of appleyness I get when I swoosh my hair. YUM.

🙂 Coffee! -Oh my, do I just adore the smell of coffee! Especially in the morning and with a cinnamon cake (cinnamon is also a fab smell).

🙂 -Some other smells I like are: freshly baked bread, the smell after rain (called petrichor I believe), fresh paint, lemons,

Scents I detest!

😦 Lavender. – for some reason I’ve always hated the smell of lavender, no idea why but its just bleh.

😦 Strong Floral perfumes -I think I dislike this because when someone smells like a big bunch of flowers I start to expect my hayfever to go crazy. So smells of flowers make me thing of sneezing and runny nose and itchy itchy. So yeah, that’s a no for me.

😦 I can’t even think of anything else other than just generally gross smells that no one wants to smell ever ever ever.

So yeah, those are my scent preferences aha!

I’m also going to do a few of the older topics because some of them look interesting! 🙂

Significant Others?
I’m not one for dating so there’s no partner or other half for me. But significant others makes me think of people important to me. The people I’m closest to are probably my main gal Chelsea, and my Twin (shes not a literal twin, being nearly 6 years older but shes a twin in the ways that matter)!


HA. I had to do this one. My handwriting is absolutely awful. Like seriously bad, it looks like a three year olds scrawl. (except that’s kind of an insult to three years old everywhere). Though, they do say messy handwriting is a sign of intelligence, because they think so fast they don’t have time to concentrate on neatness. Not sure how true that is but I’m totally having that as my excuse.

I don’t actually have any tattoos because I figure I’m too indesicive and change my mind about everything every four minutes so a tattoo is probably not a good plan. However my solution to this (as I really want a tattoo) is to come up with an idea and write it down, wait a year and if I still like it in a year then I’m probably good to go!
I would like a smallish dragon somewhere, like in a bronze colour (one of those Chinese dragons types) maybe curled at the top of my arm.
Also I’ve always wanted a line of poetry, and I came across a line that I love “do I dare disturb the universe” Maybe on my back somewhere?

Bleh, I’m not scared of much I don’t think but a couple of things popped into my head when I saw this one.
First, of course, is spiders. Cliché much? I know it’s an irrational fear but oh dear do I squeal when I see a spider. Bleh bleh bleh no no no. No thankyou Mr Spider I do not like you. Sorry.
Second is my unusual phobia. My family has a lot of weird phobias to be honest. My mom hates bits of paper and sticker like really really hates, she freaks out big time. And my sister dislikes dotty things. Like the top of a crumpet or a lotus seed (google image it). Me? I have a phobia of cream. Like hand cream and moisturisers. I can look at it but I can’t touch it. Bleeeeeehhhhhhh. It’s annoying because I cant moisturise or use sun cream. Weird stuff.

What about you guys? Weird fears? Interesting tattoos? Tell me what you’re thinking!

2 thoughts on “Life of a Blogger: Scents (adore/detest)

  1. I have a fear of dotty things too, so I can totally understand your sister! Anything with lots and lots of holes, is just, bleurgh. It makes me feel physically sick. There is a word for it though: trypophobia, although it’s not an officially recognised fear.

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