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Review: Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo


The Book: Siege and Storm (The Grisha #1)
The Author: Leigh Bardugo
The Publisher: Indigo
The Pages: 378
My Rating: 3.5/5

The Darkling cupped my cheek with his hand, and when he spoke, his voice was almost tender. ‘This is just the beginning,’ he whispered.

Alina thought she could run from her past and escape her destiny. She can’t.

Mal hoped he’d done enough to protect the girl he loved. He hadn’t.

The Darkling, more powerful than before, is hungry for revenge. He needs Alina.

Soon Alina must choose between her country, her power, and the man she loves — or risk losing everything to the oncoming storm.


Ok ok ok, so Leigh Bardugo’s writing is just so spectacular. I just flew through this book, the same as I did with the first in The Grisha series. The booked utterly gripped me, I was pulled into the story from page one and it just would not let me go until I’d devoured every page. The imagery and world-building is extraordinary (and now I really want to go to Russia).

There were some issues though. For example in the first book she hinted at hidden depths to the Darkling, and I really loved his character and was hoping for more from him in this book. I didn’t get it. I want to know MORE about him. What are his motivations? We know he wants power but what’s his main goal? Is there any humanity left? Is there anybody he loves? There’s just no character development at all for him in this book. He’s a big bland 1 dimensional baddy. Super disappointing, I’m hoping we get deeper into his character in the next book. (AND WHAT’S HIS FRIGGIN NAME?! — that would be the first question I’d have asked him but no one even considers it or thinks about it!).

I’m loving Alina’s character however. Say bye bye to typical high moral super nice main characters. Here we have Alina, with her little inner darkness. I like it. Not sure if we’re supposed to like it but I do. I’m all ‘take that power, use that darkness, you don’t have to be nice to do good’. I like her, yay Alina!


However, although I like her character, I’m struggling to connect to her. She doesn’t feel real and I can’t bring myself to care about her enough to start waving little Team Alina flags and so on.

Mal. Oh gosh. I kinda loved him in book one. He was charming and confident and not immediately pining over Alina. It took him time to really see her. And h was loyal and nice. But, ugh. In this book he was Mr bland potato head. Blindly loyal, hates her doing anything that doesn’t involve her being in love with him. Doesn’t accept her for who she is. I’m not sure if he’s really a bland boring character or if his relationship with Alina is turning him into a whiney wuss. He’s still in love with little girl Alina who doesn’t have powers or responsibility outside of loving him. Now she’s all powerful and he cant cope with her super dark heart coolness.
Move on Alina, move on. Go get someone like…


Oh my oh my…


*swoon* He’s a PIRATE, and he’s funny and cool and cool and sarcastic and did I mention he was A PIRATE?! I can’t decide whether I ship him with Alina or they should just be best pals I ship him with me. But he is definitely one of my favourite characters. I hope he has a huge role in the next book!

Despite the issues with characters and such, the book is still incredibly enjoyable. The writing is THAT good that it just doesn’t matter that much. Whilst you’re reading you’re just immersed completely in the world of Grisha.

Go forth and read this series if you haven’t already. Now I’m off to start book number 3, Ruin and Rising!

What did you think? Anyone else struggle to decide whether its fantastic or just mediocre? Share your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “Review: Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

    1. Seriously?! I assumed EVERYONE LOVED HIM?! Who on earth wouldn’t be a sturmhond girl?! It’s a no brainer! Sigh I love him too much I think…

      Well yay for you for being sane and loving him! x x

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