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Is there a blogger naughty step?


and I’m sorry that I haven’t posted at all the last few days (or e-mailed). I’m having some health issues at the moment and I’m just in no state to be updating the blog. I’m currently in a little reprieve hence I’m writing this post, and I promise if I get another soon I’ll schedule some posts even if it’s just one or two a week.

And I’m really sorry to the couple of people who I said I’d post certain things this week, I hope you understand and I pinky promise to get them up asap.

So basically I’ve been an awful blogger for not posting, and especially for not having some scheduled posts ready for times like this. What I need is the super-nanny of the blogosphere to put me on a virtual naughty step until I learn my lesson about scheduling.

But until then, I’m keeping it low-key and trying not to make myself worse by stressing over posts when I already feel awful.

I’m really upset about not being able to put all my scattered Halloween drafts into actual posts. Halloween is such a great time in the blogosphere, I love how excited everyone gets and all the brilliant posts and features that pop up.

I’ll post as an when I can, see you soon!   x x


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