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Non apology hippy ideology infested I’m back post.

I’m not going to frantically type out another mad apology post hiatus post. But I’m back. For how long? Right now I don’t know but here we are.

Life if crazy and if it doesn’t stop throwing things at me I’m going to have to invest in a shield. Does anywhere sell shields? Huh. I’ll google that. (My google search history makes for a brilliant read)


I’m in one of those ‘follow your passion! Care for your mind, body and soul! All natural hippy self improvement’ phases. (I know right). So one of the things I love is books and blogging always made me happy so I’m back back back. I want to scream-type all the books at you. That means reviews with lots of CAPSLOCK and exclamations!!!! And book appreciation posts and mad ramblings that will put you off ever reading anything written by me ever again. 

So watch this space cause I’m back (bitch).

I really am, I even updated my about page.

(I don’t know what that is but it felt appropriate)


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