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The bookish dream team 

If you had super magical powers, a great kidnapping team or an awesome conference panel organiser, which authors would you bring together? (or which characters?! If I’m gonna have magical skills then I can break the rules)

So the very brilliant Eventbrite inspired this awesome project, and how could I say no?! (Be warned I went totally overboard and this is mostly just rambling fangirling. I’ve been away for a while and it’s had no outlet… anyway you have been warned)

So my dream bookish panel… 💭

1. Robin Hobb – my current favourite so she must be there! I love her books so so much. I either want to fangirl so hard in her face that she becomes mildly terrified and refuses to attend a bookish panel ever again or somehow acquire the knowledge and articulate prowess to completely wow her with my awesomeness. Either way.

and can she please bring along;

Althea Vestrit (preferably along with Paragon, though that will cause some logistical nightmare for some poor soul), 


Kettricken (because damn do I love her, maybe she could come with young Fitz and Nighteyes posing as her page and his puppy?!)

I would love these two to meet (I haven’t read all her series yet so maybe they do! Who knows!) as I think they are two of the most kickass firecracker women Robin Hobbs has created and I want them to rant feminism and equality and just generally be awesome. Plus could the all wonderful Robin Hobb ask for a better honour guard?!

2. Brandon Sanderson (is there a fantasy theme going on here?!) – because oh man the world building skillz and the magic of this mans untamed mind!!!!! I just want to hear him talk, I want him to use my shopping list or my google search history or just a boring work email and to turn it into something magical with his beautiful beautiful mind. Have you read this guys books? Pure wizardry pure and simple. I cannot get enough. 

And can he please bring along; 

Kaladin – stormblessed… Anyone with a title like that surely deserves a place at my dream panel. Because oh what a beautiful man. He’s not perfect but every thing about his character I just love. He just cares and feels and yet is badass and awesome. It’s been far too long since I read the Stormlight Archives, definitely needs a reread, so I can profess my love to Kaladin fully when I meet him.


Shallan – another from the Stormlights archives (you’d think with so many books by Brandon that I love that I wouldn’t pick more than one from each) but oh this girl. She’s a kickass awesome scholar. She draws and she loves learning and I’m pretty sure she’s my soul sister.


Vin – because hell yeah! Vin you are my queen. Mistborn was the first series by Brandon that I read and so this girl will always hold a special place in my heart. 

I want them all to meet and I want to meet all of them and for them to become my best friends and we can go on weekend camping trips together and sigh. Also maybe Robin Hobb and Brandon Sanderson can swap notes and create some hybrid book between the two of them which would surely become the best book ever. (And since I brought them together in this imaginary panel, they will dedicate it to me.)

3. George RR Martin – I’m torn about inviting / kidnapping George, because one one hand, talk about the size of his mind and the imagination (who wouldn’t want to talk to him!) and all I’m sure I could learn from him, but on the other hand I’ve refused to watch series 6 of the TV adaption because I absolutely must read the next book first. And if he’s at my book panel listening to me rant then he’s not writing and if he’s not writing then I’m still waiting desperately! 

and George you absolutely must bring along with you (cause I’ve decided you are invited after all);

Tyrion Lannister- because obviously. Funny, clever, brave and kind (but also kind of badass and ruthless, he is a Lannister). He is a (half)man after my own heart, and one of my most quoted characters. He would get on with everyone else at the panel and would just bring us all together and we’d talk and learn and all come away wiser for it. My love for Tyrion knows no bounds. (Maybe bring Bron too Tyrion cause the banter is real.)


Daenerys Targaryen – (obviously upon the back of her dragons) because girl you are my idol. Genuinely a good person but with fire and blood all mixed in. Damn girl. (If you haven’t read these books and / or watched the series then why the hell not?! Get on it immediately.)

and also

Arya- this girl. As you can tell I love a strong female character. Words like kickass, role model and strong come to mind for all my favourite characters. And Arya is all that and more. I still wear a necklace to this day that says “Not today“. 

I want them all to be the same room as me and I want George to meet these beautiful characters himself. And I seriously think if they sat and had a chat with Robin Hobb’s Kettricken then they could all learn a little about leadership and wouldn’t that be the most inspirational meeting ever?!

4. Darren Shan – because this man is my childhood. I know that he’s a great guy and his books were some of the very first to spark my love of reading. So obviously an automatic invite for you Darren. His saga of Darren Shan series and Demonata series are books that, even though I first read them as a child, I still love to reread to this day. 

and can you bring along; 

Grubbs Grady- because obviously. I reread these books so many times I feel like I grew up with him. 


Darren Shan- the character that is. Though if you believe the tale then is he even fictional? Another book brother that I grew up with. 

I want to meet them all so much. It’ll be like reliving that childhood joy all over again. And like meeting my fictional siblings. I’m sure they’ll be as amazed to meet all the other attendees as I am.

Final thoughts 💭 

This is such an awesome idea Cara and I thank you for thinking of me to participate. 

There are so many more I’d love to meet aswell. And so many topics to discuss. 


  • How did you come up with your ideas, your worlds and your characters? Were they born separately?
  • Do you characters take on a life of their own when you write? Do they take the story places you never planned? Or do you have godlike control? 
  • What do you do when the writing blues find you? How do you combat writers block? 
  • Do you enjoy fan art / fanfiction and all the rest? 
  • Do you write with an agenda in mind? Do your stories send a message? Do you consider using your books as a platform to tackle issues like race, gender and equality?

Other invitees; 

  • Jk Rowling along with Harry and Draco. 
  • Michelle Paver along with Torak, Renn and wolf.
  • Dean Koontz (I’m not sure which characters of his I’d invite but I’d love to meet him, I’ll leave it up to you Dean which character to bring along)
  • Patrick Ness along with Todd and Manchee. 

Im going to stop here because otherwise I’ll go on and on. 

💭Have I accidentally forgotten the worlds best author? Who would you invite? Do you agree / disagree with any of my choices? Would you like to request a specific fangirl rant about any of the books I have mentioned? Let me know! 

💭If you do want to host your own event you could always check the (actually quite spectacular) conference management tools offered by Eventbrite!

💭Also checkout some of the other bloggers Dream Bookish Panel posts below. 



💭And if your missing me you can also find me at one of my other blogs (I’m usually posting somewhere) 

Emily Florence 



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