[insert witty opening line here]

Now that’s out of the way. I’m Emily and this little blog is bookw0rmtales. 

I’m 20 yrs old ( I know, proper adult age now) and currently work as a glorified errand girl. ( pls no one from work find this page – I love my job I swear!) This blog’s been going for a few years but unfortunately I got smacked in the face by life and haven’t updated regularly for *cough* quite a while *cough*…

So on this blog I ramble about all things bookish. Reviews, interviews, ramblings and everything in between. I love fantasy, science fiction, YA ( we can debate wether it’s ok the use YA as a genre at a later date). I love unique writing styles, hello trainspotting. I’m interested in mythology, awed by poetry and enthralled by history. I love to learn. 

I’m really interested in the world of ‘Zines’. Which are creative little short magazine sorts of things. If you don’t know google it! Well worth a look. And if you make them / know where I can get my mitts on some good ones give me a shout, please!

Also, recently I’ve been trying out a few graphic novels, so far so good!

So hit me up – comment, tweet (@bookw0rmtales), shout really loud.
(You can find my policy for reviews and such here)



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! I work for a nonprofit public library and we were wondering if we could use the photo of the open book in the autumn leaves on our Facebook page?

    1. I don’t actually own the photo, but I couldn’t find who does to put up credit or ask permission! I just thought it was so beautiful. I’m sure they don’t mind as no one has approached me about it, if you do find the owner do let me know!

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