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(Who are you to judge?)

I was going to write a post about NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) and upload a review or two, and I still will, but between planning these post and getting on here to write them I encountered a few things that deeply upset me.
The things I encountered were some Facebook comments and a couple of newspaper articles. Now, before I tell you what was in this content I read first I need to tell you that I suffer from being extremely empathetic. Empathy (similar to sympathy, except more personal) is the ability to put yourself in another persons shoes and feel what they feel. Now with my own issues and emotions I can cope with and work through, but as soon as someone else tell me their problems I feel all their pain as they’re feeling it with an added extra of helplessness when there’s nothing I can do to help them. I often work myself up into a right state over someone else’s pain.
So now, onto the topic of the content I read this morning. Racism. Completely unfounded, ignorant, discriminatory racism. On Facebook (and other places, too many other places) these despicable, ignorant people are attempting to argue that some people don’t deserve to live in this country based on the colour of their skin or the piece of land they happened to be born on. They say these sweeping ignorant generalisations about certain races with no evidence or reasoning behind it except their own small minded selfishness. I can’t comprehend (call me naive) how people could actually believe this rubbish. How someone could look at someone who’s come to this country for a better life, maybe to escape a war in the country they were in, to give their children a better life than the one they had, how some could look a person so desperate in the eye and tell them they don’t deserve that. It utterly disgusts me that someone could be so vile as to not only have these beliefs but to act upon them and harass and assault people based on their own pathetic opinions. Who are you to judge?
And the worst part, the part that had me in sobbing on the bus on my way to work this morning was an article in the newspaper that told of a man who’d moved to this country to get a degree so he could have a better life, he was working part time delivering pizzas to fund his degree and he was stabbed to death on his last day of work. I didn’t read any further to see of it was actually a racial attack, but I have seen far too many stabbings and beatings in the newspapers that were done simply because this person was a different ethnicity. So people are taking it upon themselves to decide wether a person deserves to live based on what piece of land they were born on?! You do not get the right to live from your race or your heritage. If there was anyway to judge wether someone deserves to live (which there isn’t) it would be on how they act as what they believe.
And if we were going by this it wouldn’t be the immigrant working to save his family back in his origin country who had lost the right to live.

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(To write or not to write)

Do you highlight / write in your books? Jot notes in the margins? Highlight favourite passages or underline the quotes you love?

Personally I don’t, I like the idea but I can’t bring myself to mark my books. If you can’t understand why anyone would or if you can’t understand why people wouldn’t, I’ll show you both sides of the write / not write debate.

Reasons to write,

One if the reasons that highlighting and note making in books can be seen as good is that it allows you to flip through the book after you’ve finished and re-read your favourite parts and relive the book through the parts that you’ve highlighted.
Also it really makes the book your own, original and personal to you. You can store your emotions and feelings in the book and highlight passages that mean something to you.
Finally think about what a nice thing that’d be to pass on to your children/grandchildren! So they can keep it safe and it’s a very emotional personal thing for them to keep.

Reasons NOT to write,

20131022-201552.jpg First of all I don’t write in my books because I’m an utter neat freak when it comes to my books. I can’t be breaking the spines or folding the corners of pages over. I like my books to look well read and well loved but not scratty and ruined. So of course writing in them is a definite no no for me. Especially if you were highlighting and you highlighted the wrong sentence or slipped whilst you were highlighting?! I’d feel like I’d ruined the whole book.
Secondly, you ruin the experience for anyone who reads the book after you. All your highlights and notes will stop the next reader from having a completely new fresh experience of the book.
One thing I hate the most about writing in books is fluorescent highlighters. I can cope with people underlining certain passages in pen/pencil but not bright pink/green/yellow highlighters! Yuck!

So yeah, those are the arguments and you can see my opinion (as usual I make my opinion known!). What do you think?
To Write Or Not To Write?