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Manga / Graphic Novel / Game Novel Challenge 2014

This is the first reading challenge of 2014 that I’m taking part in! It’s hosted over on M/G/W.

Basically I’ll set myself a target amount of books/comics that I want to read. They have to be either comics, graphic novels or video game tie in novels.

I like the sound of this challenge as it’s something abit different!

There are different levels depending on how many books I read. These are the levels based on video game levels:

Level 1 Arcade Gamer– Casual Player
Read a total of 12 books (1 for each month).

Level 2 Tomb Raider- Normal Player
Read a total of 15 – 25 books.

Level 3 Warcraft – Hardcore Player
Read a total of 25 – 35 books.

Level 4 Call of Duty – Veteran Player
Read a total of 35 – 45 books.

Level 5 HALO Style – Legendary Player
Read a total of 45-50 books!

I’m aiming for level one or two, as I’m taking part in other challenges this year!

What challenges are you taking part in?! Let me know in the comments!