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Poetry Corner: Chelsea’s Poetry.

Poetry Corner is a little feature I do, where I share a bit of poetry that I have enjoyed recently. (Yes shock horror! I read more than just swoony YA novels full of feels) Sometimes its a whole poem, sometimes just an extract. And sometimes it’s a poem from a non published / famous poet (it took me a while then do think of what a person who writes poetry is called– I was thinking poeteer, like musketeer but poems…. don’t ask.) Most often from my pal Chelsea, her poems are just my taste so I like to share with you guyssss!

The Demons.

“I feel lost alone and cold
I no longer feel that I have you to hold
I feel powerless and neglected, tired and meek
And each day is more and more bleak”

“You still have me” came a soft reply.
“I’ll be here until the day you die,
You’re not alone, let me teach you to see,
Things aren’t as they used to be”

“I’m not what you need. You need to be free,
And I hope you’ll understand that you do not want me.
The day that I pass, the day that I’m gone
I pray to the lord, that you no longer hold on”

The next sound that escapes, is a solemn whimper.
And the last glimpse of hope, dies in a flicker,
“Y­ou can’t just leave this way, you’re what I need, what I want,
I can not survive, if you’re not who I’ve got”

“You can and you will, you must and you shall,
I can not condemn you to a lifetime in my hell.
These demons are mine and I can not flee,
It’s not you they want, it’s only me”

The admiration for me was gone, and fury replaced,
And this was no longer the adoring face.
It was twisted and cold and so filled with hate,
“You always told me this was forever, this was fate.”

“The thoughts in my mind are forming a dark haze,
And I’m being directed in so many ways.
You have to trust me, you have to leave,
There is no longer anything that you can achieve”

Blood was boiling, skin was crawling,
All I could see was the rest of the world falling.
­”Just you and me, forever and ever” the mocking tone retorted
“all the things you said were lies, the truth distorted.”

“I’ve never meant to hurt you, that wasn’t my plan,
I loved you since my life began.
I can not expect you to understand what I feel,
But me and the demons, we have a deal.”

“I understand.” A silence lingered, dropped and settled,
No one could understand, I was lost with all the levels.
“I know the demons have put you through a lot,
But what can they give you, that I can not?”

“The deals we’ve made are in my mind,
They’ll leave me alone if to myself I am less kind.
My soul yearns for affection, yearns for love,
But this is what they don’t like me to speak of.”

“I can protect you, I can chase them away,
Just trust me always and allow me to stay.
I can drown them in poison, the poison of trust
And we can watch them scatter, like the wind and the dust.”

“I need you so strongly, but I’m nothing short of weak,
You are everything that I need, but the love I daren’t seek.
They will not allow it, I can not love you so,
It pains me so strongly to say, but please, just go?”

The reply I received was simple, short and sweet,
And I swear in that moment my heart skipped a beat.
All my feelings rushed to show,
The single word that echoed, was simply “No.”


She writes all her lovely (mostly creepy) poems up on the site Hello Poetry, as well as occasionally in little notebooks for me 🙂 You can find her page here if its something you like!

Let me know your thoughts, I know Chelsea would love to know what you think! x x

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Poetry Corner (Chelsea’s Poetry)

Welcome to the first post of Chelsea’s poetry! For those of you who haven’t seen my last post this is basically a brand new feature on my blog! Each week I’ll share with you an amazing poem! Most weeks will be a poem from my fab friend Chelsea, but some weeks I’ll share other poems I’ve enjoyed!
Without further ado here is a stunning poem by Chelsea!

</I was captured and caged
Shattering porcelain
Decaying flesh
A simple thought
That would never rest
The bottom of the ocean
Trapped in a chest
A thought to which
He’d never confess
Wrapped in chains
Caressed by fire
Deep within
His hearts burning desire
There I stayed
And there I’d rot
For I was not his love
No I was not